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Steel Bins

Long Lasting and Welded by Robots

Our steel bins are manufactured from deep pressed sheet metal and are hot dip galvanised to ensure a long lasting durability and protection against corrosion. The seams are welded in one continuous weld by; well you guessed it, robots!

Our Steel Bins are Fully Compliant

Our steel bins comply fully with EN 840 as well as being compatible with all standard European comb lifting mechanisms.

Easy to Manoeuvre and Stop

The four rubber tyred swivel castors allow for total 360° movement and with heavy duty brakes on the front wheels you’ll be able to stop your bin before it runs off down the hill.

Our Steel Bins are Supplied with Fitted Locks and Keys

All of our steel bins are supplied with heavy duty fitted locks and a key as standard. If you do not require a lock please ring us prior to ordering.

Have your Corporate Colours Emblazoned on a Steel Bin

By using electrostatic powder coating technology we can supply steel bins in a colour of your choice to suit your corporate identity or for the simple pleasure of having a more aesthetically pleasing bin.

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