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  • Wheelie Bin Fires: Not a Good Thing!

    By Gary 13 January 2014

    This wheelie bin has been 86'd!

    Wheelie bin fires are an issue that blights areas across the breadth and depth of our little island nation. Luckily for us, Mark Coupar from Ely Fire Station has provided some handy hints on how to reduce the risk of your wheelie bin being set ablaze.

    •    Do not place hot items in the bin, for example spent embers from a spent coal/wood fire
    •    Put your wheelie bin out...

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  • Aims to Bring Unbeatable Wheelie Bin Prices to the Masses

    By Gollum 11 October 2013

    Woody the Wheelie is a new e-commerce website this week with the sole aim of bringing unbeatable wheelie bin prices to the masses. We offer the best online prices with free next day delivery on all 2 wheeled bins and free delivery on all 4 wheeled bins combined with multiple purchase discounts; what more could you ask for!

    The website was the brainchild of the affable Woody the Wheeli...

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