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500 Litre Wheelie Bins

A 4 Wheel Drive Bin with Great Handling

The 500 Litre Wheelie Bin is our smallest 4 wheeled bin but, remember, size isn't everything! Able to fit though most standard doorways it can reach places no other 4 wheeled bin has ever dared to dream about! Alternatively, it can store up to 10 refuse sacks and is ideal for large industrial or commercial businesses that produce a considerable amount of waste.

Prices to Make You Smile, Free Delivery and Bulk-Buy Discounts

We’re constantly checking the prices of our wheelie bins so we can offer you the best priced wheelie bins on the net. And it gets even better; our 4 wheeled bins are available with standard free delivery and with multiple purchases you’ll receive an even better deal.

On a More Serious Note

All of our bins are UV stabilised – but that’s hardly a major concern in the UK- resistant to extremes of temperature and compatible with all DIN lifting equipment. The colours shown below are for illustration purposes only.The shade may vary from the images shown below.

Dimensions (approx): 1360 (w) x 655 (d) x 1135 (h) mm Weight (approx): 38kg


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