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140 Litre Wheelie Bins

The Wheelie Bins of Olympic Champions

The 140 Litre Wheelie Bin is almost identical to the 120 litre except that is slightly taller, fractionally more expensive and has an extra 20 litres of volume enabling you to sneak a little bit more rubbish in your bin.

We also discovered that they’re roughly the same height as an Olympic hurdle, so if you wanted to buy 10 (and yes, we would give you a bulk-buy discount) you could reconstruct London 2012 and pretend for a few moments you’re an Olympic champion. Be careful though and make sure you shut the lid before attempting to hurdle a wheelie bin!

Prices to Make you Smile, Free Next Working Day Delivery and Bulk-Buy Discounts

We’re constantly checking the prices of our wheelie bins so we can offer you the best priced wheelie bins on the net. And it gets even better. All our two wheeled bins are available with free next working day delivery if ordered before 12:30pm and with multiple purchases you’ll receive an even better deal.

On a More Serious Note

All of our 140 litre wheelie bins are EN 840 compliant, UV stabilised – but that’s hardly a major concern in the UK- resistant to extremes of temperature and compatible with all DIN lifting equipment.

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