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2 Wheeled Bins

Quality 2 Wheeled Bins with Free Next Day Delivery

Our two wheeled bins offer a secure, practical and hygienic solution for waste control and can be divided up into three categories; small, medium and large, and are available in up to 6 colours with FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY.

Wheeled Bins that Accommodate for all Household Waste Disposal Needs

The smallest 2 wheeled wheelie bin we provide is the 75 Litre Wheelie Bin which is an under the counter bin that is ideal for workshops, factories and garages.

The 120 and 140 Litre Wheelie Bins are considered medium sized bins and are generally used in households with a small number of occupants for holding domestic recycling, kitchen and garden waste.

The 240 and 360 Litre Wheelie Bins are the 'waste guzzlers' and are ideal for households and businesses that need a larger capacity bin for their waste control needs.

All of our Two Wheeled Bins are Fully Compliant

All of our two wheeled bins are EN 840 compliant and are made from high density polyethylene, fitted with durable, 200mm rubber tyres, are UV and temperature resistant and feature superb manoeuvrability.

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